Property Services

Each property being different from each other, and every owner having specific needs, we study each request regarding property services individually.

  • Control visit:  Key Responsibility - Checking of the interior and exterior, alarm system and liaison with the security company – Ventilation of rooms - Maintenance of indoor plants. Report after each visit by e-mail.
  • Reception and re-addressing of post (except advertising): sent by fax, e-mail or by post if important (additional charge).
  • Emergency visit and immediate report in case of any damage or burglary with visit report.
  • Supervision of your employees or self-employed workers (housekeeper, gardener, pool man,...) : checking work, organising their time schedule during your absence and presence of your guests
  • Assistance and monitoring of annual maintenances: organizing appointments and meeting with necessary providers (boilers, chimney, septic tank...) - Waiting and closing of the property - Transmission of invoices -  Report.
  • Organisation of your transport needs upon your arrival/departure, during your stay, and those of your guests : airport transfers, chauffeur driven car, car rental with delivery on spot – Transfers in helicopter, private jet …
  • Personnel recruitment services: housekeeper/cleaning company, private chef/cook, butler, waiter, babysitter.
  • Introduction to professional companies : for your repairs, maintenances, new installations, decoration projects, renovation, cleaning your interior/exterior, garden, pool maintenance, all electrical work, plumbing, painting, masonry, carpentry, repairman,       blacksmith, computer specialist, ...

Thank you for contacting us, in order to work together on a personalized quote.