Well Being




  • My Summertime, it is also the best moment to relax and recharge one’s batteries: Thanks to our professionnal team, selected by “PLP Training and Consulting”,you will get a personnalized your fitness program.


  • Patrice Le Pihive, Osteopath-Physiotherapist, Expert and Massage Educator, Yoga teacher and his team are at your disposal to define with you the bunch of techniques that matches exactly your needs and whishes.


  • The fine balance of the body shall be recovered through the right use and the correct amount of various massage techniques: soft osteopathy (vertebral-cranial-visceral ),work on the energetic paths of the body ( shiatsu, Amma Massage),postural work ( Yoga, Shintaïdo), together with breathing techniques and muscular reinforcement.


  • Aquamassage, signature treatment PLP, combining Massage and Ostepathy in swimming pool, will blow away all muscular tensions.


Slimming, which goes along with a healthier organism, will be amplified by massages and specific wraping.(Wrap "It Works")


Find more informations at www.patrice-massage-sttropez.com