Owners who rent

This page is for owners renting their villas through plateforms (Airbnb, Abritel, Homeliday, etc...).

MySummertime offers to be your reliable partner on spot, here in Saint-Tropez.

After you have finished the reservation process, we shall take care of the logistics:

  • Contacting the renters.
  • Organization of their arrival.
  • Control of the¬†house (cleaness, checking the good operating of the house). Greeting (flowers, wine,...). Preparation of the inventory with¬†pictures.
  • Meet and greet. Introduction to the house. Plus a document with main features is handed to the tenant (codes, passwords, etc...). Organization of the daily cleaning if included or needed.
  • Availability throughout the rental period. Assistance on spot in case of any problem. Connecting with the various providers (gardener, pool maintenace, etc..).
  • Check out. Control of the house. Inventory and quick report to you in order to organize the deposit return.

Of course, this list is not comprehensive, but it gives an idea of the service we provide.